Benefits of Building Better Patterns For Success

How Patterns Produce MINI WINS For Better Results

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Written by: Femi Doyle-Marshall

Patterns produce powerful results.

As a coach I’ve seen what changes businesses along with individuals. It isn’t a magic pill. It isn’t some magical moment it is understanding and using the power of patterns.

I’ll explain this point further.

Often when we talk about achieving a goal in health, life or business we have the end in mind.

We have this lofty mission which is attainable yet we can get led off course by simply not recognizing what needs to be achieved first.

By realizing first a series of steps is required to obtain a goal success can help any individual achieve results more rapidly. This ties back into the power of patterns.



POWER POINT: To get to any specific goal or outcome one must first understand the sequence of steps required to produce it.

Setting Up Success
Now let’s begin with the foundation. If a client is looking to drop a certain amount of fat or gain a specific amount of muscle the routines used daily will add to creating the success habits. Counting calories, completing workouts, managing stress are all building blocks from the foundational patterns required for success.

You first need to do one thing well consistently before you are able to layer on several other patterns and make what you want stick. This applies to business and life also.

By taking enough time to realize what you need to do and why it’s important to you in the beginning you end up recognizing your wins along the way.



Take Your Time
In conclusion here is my point. When you are driven to achieve your goals first establish a strong success base. Build better patterns that align to the results you want to see. It may take more time yet the “stickiness” of the patterns will lead you to your outcomes more rapidly.

“It takes much longer to build a skyscraper than a chicken coop.” – Earl Nightingal

Take the time you need to define and refine your vision. Once that’s established the patterns required to produce the results and breakthroughs in your mind will evidently happen.

And that’s it! If you have any questions on coaching be sure to contact me directly. Take care and talk soon.

Femi Doyle-Marshall is an entrepreneur, author, and leading success coach. He’s the founder of health and fitness lifestyle brand New Persona and also founding Success Coach for REBOOTX, a personal and professional development firm for entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders.


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