About Femi

Femi Doyle-Marshall is a Toronto native entrepreneur, coach, trainer, public speaker and founder of lifestyle brand New Persona. Building a company on the principles of communal health and project sustainability he’s growing a loyal following of members, partners and Brand Ambassadors starting from one vision based around movement.

His current objective is to inspire over 1,000,000 minds to transform their life through movement and health.

He’s been a member of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists and York University Kinesiology Alumni. He is past Vice Chair and Student Director of CHRY105.5FM (VIBE105.5FM), the 2008 Lieutenant Governor Lincoln M. Alexander Award recipient, 2009 Bob Marley Day Award recipient and the 2012 Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Award recipient.

To get in contact with him directly regarding special programs, projects or speaking engagements email fdoylemarshall (at) newpersona (dot) info.

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